Spa Services


Eyebrow Shaping$11.00 Lip$10.00
Chin$10.00 Eyebrows, Lip & Chin$27.00
Complete Face$31.00 Arms$30.00
Under Arms$20.00 Bikini Line$22.00
Bikini Shaping$30.00 Brazilian Bikini$52.00
Half Legs$44.00 Full Legs$55.00
Back$35.00 Chest$48.00
Toes$8.00 Feet$18.00


Essential Manicure - $21.00

Removes polish, file nails to the shape you desire. Trim excess cuticle. Hydrate and massage from elbow to finger tips. Nails polished to perfection.

Crystal Mud Manicure - $30.00

Remove polish, soak in our unique crystal mud, file nail to your desired shape, trim excess cuticles and exfoliate from elbows to your finger tips. Hydrate, massage, polish to perfection. This is the manicure you will talk about for years!

The Perfect Manicure (Gel Manicure) - $30.00

Starting with a precise, 2 week long wearing manicure. That finishes with a specialized gel or shellac polish that cures under an LED or UV lighting system, for zero dry time and incredible shine.

Paraffin Manicure - $30.00

A basic manicure with a paraffin hand treatment added for extra moisture.

French Polish - $6.00

Added to any manicure.

Our Signature French Treatment - $45.00

Starting with our perfect manicure and adding a flawless "smile line" takes this French manicure to the limits of perfection.

Full Set - $54.00

Acrylic or colored acrylic

Fill - $30.00 + up

Acrylic or colored acrylic

Re-White or Backfill - $43.00

Every six weeks

Nail Removal and Replace Full Set - $60.00

Nail Removal and Manicure - $24.00

Paraffin Hand Treatment - $15.00

Includes hand massage

*Allow 15 minutes at the end of nail service and/or pedicure to allow your polish to dry under our UV lights.


All pedicures 60-75 minutes unless specified

Wellness Pedicure - $51.00

Consultation on the condition of your feet. Recommendations of proper home care.

Soak in our deluxe pedicure chair. The chair is heated & will massage sore aching back muscles for your ultimate relaxation therapy. After soaking, cuticles & nails are trimmed. Calluses removed, exfoliation of dry skin from the knees down. This is followed by a moisturizing treatment of your legs & feet. Nails are then polished to perfection.

Pregnancy Pedicure - $51.00

A similar version of our Wellness Pedicure with your special needs in mind.

Diabetic Pedicure - $51.00

For those with diabetes, low immune systems, or circulatory problems. Consultation on the condition of your feet, followed by recommendations of proper home care. After soaking we push back your cuticles and remove excess dry skin & calluses. Hydrate the legs and feet with a light massage and then polish to perfection. All this while you enjoy the benefits of our deluxe pedicure chair.

Manly Man's Pedicure - $44.00

Is a modified version of the Wellness Pedicure without polish and using non-perfumed treatments.

Toes to Go - $38.00 (30-45 Min.)

Only looking to have your nails shaped and polished. Soak in our pedicure chair, we push back the cuticle, trim & shape your nails, & hydrate your legs & feet, then polish to perfection.

Pedi-French Polish - $8.00

added to any pedicure service

Glitter Toes - $15.00

added to any pedicure service

Pedi-Polish Change - $20.00

polish only


UV Chemical-Free Spray Tanning - $35.00

3 Tan Package $95

5 Tan Package $135

10 Tan Package $250

*please call ahead for special instructions

*needs 8 hours to process before showering or heavy activities

Pure Tan - $40

3 Tan Package $110

5 Tan Package $160

10 Tan Package $300

*natural unscented Paraben free 8 hour processing time

Express Tan - $45

3 Tan Package $125

5 Tan Package $185

10 Tan Package $350

*alcohol free 2 hour processing time then you must shower to insure even coverage.

Skin Care/Facials

Nourishing Signature Facial - $66.00

Our signature facial targets all important properties of your skin ensuring lasting results, leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated. This simple, yet effective treatment is meant to improve your skin customized to your specific skin type.

Firm and Lift Peel - $88.00

This treatment is most recommended for those with signs of aging, dark spots and sun damaged skin. This intensive treatment deeply exfoliates using our 33% Glycolic peel, to reveal fresh, healthy skin. Specifically for toning and tightening, this treatment is perfect before an event to reveal your natural glow. Recommended in a series of six.

Dermal Flash Peel - $93.00

This deeply rejuvenating treatment delivers vibrancy to dull heavily aged skin. Best for skin that lacks glow and luster, especially beneficial for diminishing fine lines. This facial involves a warming cinnamon peel using 2% Phenol to stimulate the blood circulation, revealing a beautiful glow. Recommended in a series of four. .

Beta Clear Peel - $120.00

This deep cleaning and clarifying facial is targeted for skin prone to hormonal or acneic breakouts. This refreshing treatment is meant to cleanse clogged pores, and treat stubborn acne using a 22% Salicylic Acne beta peel. From teenage breakouts to adult cystic acne; this peel is our strongest anti-acne treatment. Our most exfoliating peel, ideal for diminishing acne scars, resurfacing and hyper pigmentation revealing beautiful smooth skin. Recommended in a series of six.

Radiance Express Facial - $44.00

Ideal for someone on the go; this 30 minute treatment gets right down to the nitty gritty. This service cleanses, refines pores and leaves skin protected instantly revealing your skins radiance.

Just the Peel - $44.00

Customized to your specific skin type, this treatment is meant to exceed your expectations with results. From oily, acne prone skin to dry, sun damaged skin we have a peel to satisfy your needs. Our professional skin analysis will design a peel to fit perfectly with your individual needs. Recommended in a series of ten.

**Pre-purchase any recommended series of facials and receive a free essentials kit for home use.

Body Treatments

Purifying Back Treatment - $71.00

A soothing and relaxing treatment which cleanses your back. An exfoliation used with sea salts that help remove dead skin cells. Followed by a soothing mask and moisturizer to soften and hydrate the skin.

Salt Glow - $93.00

A natural exfoliator with Deep Sea Salts, removes dry, dull accumulation of dead skin cells. It leaves your skin feeling energized and refreshed.


Basic Makeup Application - $38

Approx. 45 min
No contouring or highlighting

Basic Makeup Application w/ lesson - $50

1 hour
No contouring or highlighting
10% off makeup retail purchases

Special Event Makeup - $50

Approx. 1 hour
Full face makeup including contouring and highlighting

Special Event Makeup w/ lesson - $70

Approx. 1 ½ hours
Learn how to contour and highlight
Completed full face
10% off makeup retail purchases

Glamour Eyes - $25

Eyes only

Add on strip lashes to any makeup application - $15

Eyelash Extensions (2 week wear) - $30


Our technicians can help you choose the best choice in treatment with the time allotted.


This form of massage uses traditional long strokes, combined with kneading techniques to help improve circulation, skin and muscle tone. This form of massage is often considered the most relaxing.

30 Mins $35.00
45 Mins $50.00
60 Mins $65.00
90 Mins $97.00


Is designed specifically for expectant mothers. This massage is intended for women who are in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters only (up to 37 weeks). Massage cannot be performed 3 weeks prior to due date.

30 Mins $35.00
45 Mins $50.00
60 Mins $65.00
90 Mins $97.00

Aromatherapy - $5.00

(add per session)

Hot Stone Massage

retreat with smooth river stones that warm the muscles and allow a light touch, creating a deeper, longer lasting profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation

60 Minutes include back, neck and shoulders - $85.00

90 Minutes - $128.00

Deep Tissue

The deep pressure with this technique helps remove lactic acid from your muscles, allowing your body to restore itself more efficiently. It is considered important to drink water after this treatment to effectively remove the built up toxins from your body.

45 Mins $67.00
60 Mins $85.00
90 Mins $128.00

Custom Spa Packages Available

Day of Ultimate Beauty - $308.00

(includes gratuity 6 hours)

  • One hour Massage
  • Wellness Pedicure
  • Perfect Manicure
  • Nourishing Signature Facial
  • Girls night out style

The Great Escape - $267.00

(includes gratuity 4.5 hours)

  • 90 Minute Swedish Massage
  • Wellness Pedicure
  • Perfect “Gel” Manicure
  • Girls Night Out Style

Me time - $177.00

(includes gratuity 3 hours)

  • Express facial
  • Essential manicure
  • Toes to go pedicure
  • Girls night out style

Just Because - $139.00

(includes gratuity 2 hours)

  • 30 minute massage
  • Wellness pedicure
  • Perfect "gel" manicure

Deva’s Day Out - $190

(includes gratuity 3.5 hours)

  • Curly Girl Transformation
  • Brow Shaping
  • Make-up Application
  • Perfect “Gel” Manicure